The Perfect Holiday Drink Recipes

The Perfect Holiday Drink Recipes

Maybe it's 'basic' of me...but I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Eggnog Lattes, and Peppermint anything during the holidays. I know for a fact that I am not the only gal obsessed with this PSL craze (cool rebranding, Starbucks.) Sometimes, however, I don't want to be spending 10% of my paycheck on holiday drinks from a coffee corporation (but really, no hate Starbucks, love you.)

So I've been researching this season's yummiest holiday drinks. The ingredients are deliciously festive, and you can make a ton at home and save yourself some change and patience waiting in line during the morning rush (I promise this isn't a smear campaign for Starbucks, lol.)

Here they are! My five favorite drink recipes of this season (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!)

1. Mint & White Chocolate Hot Cocoa

You may booze it up by adding some Bailey's Irish Creme or Peppermint Shnopps (though not too much or you'll OD in Peppermint flavor).

2. Vegan Eggnog

You may booze it up with 2 tablespoons Bourbon!

3. Holiday Cranberry Pomegranite Mojito

5. Apple Cider Moscow Mule

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