Frequently Asked Questions

What size earring should I order? 

Our Signature Shape © comes in four sizes: Short, Medium, Long and Thin. Our Teardrop earring shape comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Both shapes of our leather earrings look beautiful on all different face shapes and sizes. Below are a couple thoughts on which size to chose and be sure to check out our size chart and our blog post on sizes to help make your decision easier!

Petite women tend to lean more towards sizes: Small, Short and Thin. However, if you are petite and you are looking for your earrings to make a bold statement sizing up to the Medium, Large or Long will do the trick. Taller women or those with thicker hair usually go for the Medium, Long, Thin or Large. If it's your first pair of Aha earrings or you are giving them as a gift we recommend our most universal size: Medium. For more size questions- see our size chart or our blog post on the subject. 

Are all the leathers the same weight and firmness?

Every season we scout for the finest and most unique leather we can find. We purchase leather and suede in styles and colors that play with and off of the trends of the season. Because of this we are always going with different sources and there can be variation in the thickness and feel of each type of leather. We do our best to convey the specifics of all this in the description of the item so be sure to read through the description paragraphs as you shop to get the full feel of each AHA! crafted gem. 

What do the backs of the leather earrings look like?

The backs of the earrings are not printed and all differ. Typically the are the same color as the front and just a shade lighter or darker. In some cases the leather will be a different color and in those instances we'll make note in the additional info section of the product's description.

Do you offer your leather earring styles in a solid 14K gold option? 

Yes, we do! You can special order most of the Aha earrings styles in solid 14k white, yellow and rose gold. Pricing and availability will be determined on a per order basis. For special orders requests email info@ahacrafted.com with the style size you are looking to custom order.

Do you offer Surgical Steel hooks?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is; most people are absolutely fine with either solid sterling silver and 14k gold-filled, which are the metals we use in all of our earring designs. Its typically gold plated or sterling silver-filled metal that give people reactions, both of which are used in a lot of lower quality earrings out there. We do not use either of the latter. At Aha we pride ourselves in using only fine quality materials. All that being said we do keep surgical steel earring hooks in stock for those with need a techincally hypo-allergenic option. Please make a note at check out requesting surgical steel hooks and we'll make them up per your request!

Do you sell single earrings if I lose one?

If you lose an earring please email us at info@ahacrafted.com and we will do our best to find a way to help! Leather is a natural material so we can not always assure a perfect match and some leathers are limited so its a bit tricky but if at all possible to make a 1/2 pair for sale to you, we will. On that note, any earring that is worn without a back can fall out. And since leather is such a lightweight material you won't feel it as it comes out or hear it hit the ground. For this reason, its super important you always wear your backs. :) We provide a pair with every earring and we also sell extras here. The backs that we provide and sell are a perfect fit for our hooks. If you use other backs there is a chance that the fit will not be snug. 

Do you do custom orders and designs for occasions like bridal parties?

Yes! Our earrings make a beautiful and original statement for a number of special occasions. We'd love to work with you a custom design a unique leather earrings just for you and your occasion! Email us at info@ahacrafted.com and we will be back in touch to work out the details. Be sure to include your contact info!