Aha Craftsmanship


All of our designs start with Aha moments; ideas and creations that spark from times when our creative juices are flowing and we are most connected to our roots. From there we execute and handcraft all of our products in Southern California, where we live (most of the year that is).

There isn’t just one thing that makes our earrings and jewelry special, different and a high-quality brand. So much goes into every piece that it’s hard to break it all down. But here’s a go at it:







We hand pick and curate what we feel are the finest leather and vegan leathers available on the market. Not all leathers are created equally and when we choose our leathers we make sure that the look, color and texture is current and will stand the test of time. Most Aha leathers are either Italian, French or US made. Our vegan leather source was carefully chosen as it is one of the only Eco-friendly vegan leathers made in the United States. For our leather earrings, its very important the right leathers are chosen. We create earrings that are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Yet-its just as important that they will hold up and be around for as many days, months and years that you’d like to wear them!









Metals & Findings

All of our leather earrings (and vegan leather earrings) are handcrafted using either sterling silver or 14K gold-filled earrings hooks and chain. (Solid 14K gold & surgical steel options are available upon request). Purchasing jewelry made from these types of precious metals is important for a few reasons:

1. They are considered safe for people with sensitive skin.

2. They will last! There’s no chipping, peeling, or turning color. Both sterling silver and 14K gold-filled are quality metals used by fine jewelers and if they ever tarnish they can be polished.

Check out more on the differences between the good/real metals and the fakes here.








The stones we use in our designs are all either genuine energetic gemstones, or natural wood or bone. We do not use simulated or dyed materials. Why and what does this mean? At Aha Crafted we truly believe in a connection and influence from mother earth and nature. Gemstones and materials taken directly from the earth’s core carry energetic properties that the wearer can benefit from. 

*To read more about the energetic properties of Aha Gemstones visit our guide here.

“I was Immediately hooked on Aha leather earrings after my first purchase. They are so comfortable! They are now the only earrings I wear or purchase for myself!”










It most certainly is all in the details. Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one to an Aha gift, we feel the experience should be special from the moment our package reaches its destination. All of our earrings and jewelry are sent in individual boxes with our custom packaging. Any pieces with gemstones will come with an insert explaining the energetic properties of that stone/s. 


Thank you for making the Aha brand part of your life! Each and every day we bring our creative energies to work to keep the Aha brand fresh and built with materials that inspire.