Hello Sweater Weather!

Hello Sweater Weather!

Oh what's that? The slightest chill in the air? The mildest gust of wind? A sweet, gentle drizzle? Sounds like it is winter in Southern California! Which means it's time to bust out those scarves, beanies and boots! That's right: it's officially sweater weather!

Whether you are enjoying a mild 60 degree winter like in SoCal, or are battling below zero temps back east ( or around the world), it's safe to say winter has come. Winter is by far my favorite fashion season, because I love love love layers! I happen to think our leather earrings really come into play during this time because they are the easiest accessory to make any cozy outfit look immediately on trend. Running out to get some groceries in your yoga pants, ugg boots and knitted cable sweater? Throw on some Ahas to state "yeah bitches, I woke up like this"! Heading to a bar after work in your knee length wool dress and beanie? Add some slender chained Ahas to turn that office outfit into a night-out-fit! Family photo sash? Toss that scarf over your shoulder, and fasten those Aha signature shapes baba! (Though good luck getting your great Aunt Tessy to stop asking, "If you're so gorgeous, why aren't you married yet??")

But don't take it from me! Just look at Jena Guisti, adorable, always adventuring, New Jersey native lifestyle blogger (pictured above)! It's like she invented the casually posh sweater weather look! I mean c'mon. Can you even?? I love how Jena mixed her cozy leather jacket with our slender, signature chained earrings. Outfit. On. Point.

Check out Jena's lifestyle blog & website; Jena Guisti. She's ahead of every trend and is the definition of #GirlBoss.

Perhaps what I love most about cozy, winter fashion, is that it leaves much to the imagination. Summer is all shoulders, legs, and midriffs! Winter is bundled-up-babe season, when modest becomes the hottest. (Yes, I know, I'm starting to sound like your great aunt Tessy.) Despite the many layers winter demands, I truly think the bundled look is still so sexy.

It's also the season where those leather jackets no longer become a fashion statement, but more of a necessity. And my vote is...you can never have enough leather garb. Which is why our earrings are the perfect winter accessory. 

Kailey Munoz, self-proclaimed Quaintrelle & blogger (pictured above). Loving those burnt yellows, whites and grays together! Also notice Kailey's plum lipstick? What an expert fashionista! If you want to follow some seriously good fashion, leisure, and lifestyle ish, check out Kailey's blog and site: www.sharingnotcaring.com (How adorably sassy is her website name?) Kailey is wearing

Kailey is wearing our London Tan Linked Leather Earrings in size: medium. 

I also adore autumnal/winter colors! Those rich ambers, reds, greens, deep blues, and burnt colors!? They are also some of my favorite shades of leather to use when crafting our earrings. My absolute new fave color in our line, which perfectly compliments the season - hence it's name - is the Holiday Glam Linked Leather Earring.

You guys. There's literally nothing I love more than a red lip accent. But adding in that pop of color on the ears? While it's photographed as a more bare and sultry look above, this color would look striking with a green tartan beanie (hello Scottish flare) or an all white knit ensemble! (Red Leather Patent Earrings are from our Holiday Glam collection)

Whatever you wear, however you layer it, may it be cozy, cute, and comfy (and always joined with a little AHA sparkle).

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