The Power of Aha Gemstones



Within the crux of a gemstone lies energetic properties that humans have connected energetically to for centuries. 

Some might think this connection is magical, while others say its scientific.

On a scientific level it makes perfect sense to us. Crystals and semi-precious gemstones come from Mother Earth’s inner core so it goes without saying they are going to carry some strong vibrations. Each gemstone is formed from tiny crystals. These crystals are in constant motion, thus creating vibrations. Those vibrations differ from gemstone to gemstone based on their make up and how they help people on an energetic level. Just as herbs or plants can be used as nature's medicine so can Gemstones.

And hey,  if its magic you attribute the changes you see then thats awesome too. Either way these gemstones can "Rock your World". 

We've got a little guide for you below on the Gemstones that currently grace our leather earring collection below. See which ones speak to you!

*Every pair of Aha Gemstone leather earrings will come with a card describing the specific stone’s properties.*







For Serenity

Looking to create a more balanced, less stressed feeling in your day to day? Carry or wear Turquoise! Native Americans have honored this beautifully vibrant blue sacred gemstone for as long as history will recall. Here's why: The vibrations of the stone connect specifically to the throat and third eye chakras. In doing so it can help with honest  communication of your own truth and with others. It is also known for tuning your spiritual alignment. It helps reduce stress and an overall feeling of calmness and serenity is gained from having this stone in your life.







For Clarity

Need some cobwebs cleared out of that head of yours?  Need some help studying for exams? Do you walk around in a fog most of the day? If so, then Quartz is for you! Wearing, carrying or meditating with Clear Quartz brings clarity to the mind. The vibrations of the Quartz crystal, aids in concentration and memory retention. As an added bonus its been known to help bring understanding to those confusing and perplexing dreams. This beautiful clear stone does all this by filtering out distractions allowing your mind to see clearer all around. 







    For Knowledge

    Need a little help with a difficult decision? Or maybe you need some help with your own personal discovery. Labradorite has the vibrations to help all who seek guidance, knowledge, and self-discovery. This gemstone aids in all this by awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit and intuition.




    Tiger's Eye

    For Personal Power

    If there's any gemstone that should coin the phrase "Rock your World" Tigers Eye is it. Wearing or carrying this gemstone will boost and energize your personal power overall. The vibrations of this stone aids in integrity, willpower, and self-confidence. Is there anyone out there that wouldn't benefit from all that?






    Black Spinel

    For Protection

    Black Spinel has always been considered a stone of protection. It's also been called "The Gemstone of Immortality". Here's why: Energetically its been known to give a boost to the wearer's physical strength and overall energy levels. Sometimes that extra boost is all we need to create our own energetic shields. A shield that protects oneself energetically from misfortunes and negativity.