A Cooked Cabbage Recipe You'll Want to Eat All through Fall and Winter

A Cooked Cabbage Recipe You'll Want to Eat All through Fall and Winter

Cabbage. Hmmm. Thoughts....Not really a common "go-to" vegetable. I mean unless you're on the cabbage soup diet or unless Saint Patty's day is coming up you're probably not walking over to the produce department seeking out that perfect head of cabbage. I actually think most of the population has a love/hate relationship with it. They would love to love it, but most hate it. If you are someone who already enjoys eating it, you're in luck. It's got an intense amount of calcium per serving among other vitamins and at the same time a ton of fiber and its low in calories. Personally I hate cabbage raw (if its red I'll tolerate it raw in small amounts)....but cooked...YUM!

Some of you might be thinking Im insane right about now. But this recipe I concocted might just change your mind. With Fall upon us Ive started to crave more cooked veggies and comfort food. This is a cabbage recipe that it delish, super healthy for you and a perfect side dish for any meal. 

Here's a picture of pretty much everything you'll need.


1 small head of green cabbage
2-3 medium size carrots-sliced semi-thin
1/2 yellow onion-diced
Tbsp avocado oil (other oils will work)
Salt (Pink Himalayan Salt is my favorite)
Pat of butter or Ghee (optional)

First slice the carrots. Don't go crazy thinking about what size is right...thin, medium, thickly cut, it all works. Basically the crunchier you like your carrots the thicker you should slice them.

Heat a pan on Med/High heat. I prefer cast iron. When the pan is heated drizzle about a tablespoon avocado oil (actually any oil will do-but "they" say avocado oil is the healthiest oil for you heated.) Totally optional-but I do it....add a tab of butter (grass fed is the best). The butter will help brown the veggies and also adds to the flavor.

Add the carrots to the pan. While the carrots are sizzling away dice the onions (moving and flipping the carrots every minute or so). Let the carrots cook till they start to get the tiniest bit browned, then add the onions. 

Let the onions and carrots suatee for a few minutes. While they are cooking cut up the cabbage.

I just cut the cabbage into quarters and then slice the quarters. You don't need to dice it...I think its best when they are sliced/shredded as opposed to smaller pieces that would come from chopping or dicing it. 

When the onions are close to cooked through its time to add the cabbage. (The onions will start to have a glassy and see through appearance. Don't wait till they start to brown, thats too overdone for them for this recipe since they will continue to cook with the addition of the cabbage). There will be a lot of cabbage so usually you have to add half, let it cook down/shrink a bit and then add the other half. Sprinkle salt over the entire thing. I wish I could tell you how much salt...but honestly, I don't know...I just wing it.

Important: Turn the heat down to medium when you add the cabbage and just stand over it and keep tossing and stirring, tossing and stiring. 

Its done anywhere from when the cabbage starts looking softer and a little glassy to browned or burnt on the edges. I personally like mine a little burnt on the edges so at the very end for the last 2 minutes or so I turn the heat up to high and let the edges crisp up nicely. 

And thats it. I use this as a side vegetable dish for tons of dinners. I also love it with eggs in the morning. Re-heat it in the same pan you're frying an egg or eat it along side a hardboiled one. If you try it let me know what you think!



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