Why Everyone is Flipping for Rose Gold!

Why Everyone is Flipping for Rose Gold!

Whether you are just getting on the rose gold train, or you've been a long time lover of the blush metal, you've most likely seen it popping up more and more these days. From jewelry to iPhones, iPads, headphones and even home deco, designers are using it to create pieces that have a glow about them like none other. 

Rose gold jewelry might seem like a new trend that people are going nuts for. However its popularity started way before these last couple of years. Rose Gold was first seen in Russia in the 1800's when a jeweler by the name of Carl Fabergé brought it to life. It fell to the sidelines for a bit when white gold and platinum were introduced into the industry. Then in the 1940's it saw a resurgence, and now again in early 2015.

The color of rose gold is elegant, timeless and warm. It's unique and less common than your typical metals used in jewelry design like yellow gold, silver or platinum. 

Some say their love of rose gold comes from the color not being as flashy or dressy as yellow gold. It also tends to have a richer feel than silver which makes it the perfect in between. Its a sweet and luxiours look while being a bit more casual at the same time. Plus-you'll notice when you start wearing it that it mixes beautifully with both gold, silver and/or platinum. 

Personally I've been a long time lover of rose gold. Im a big fan of layering and piling on rings, bracelets and necklaces. I love mixing rose gold with silver more than with gold, and I also think mixing it with gold rather than silver is a more unique look. So, as its popularity rose (no pun intended) our search for the perfect leather to craft an Aha leather earring collection began. Turns out searching for a rosey metallic was not an easy task. Metallic leathers in general are hard to come by and the rose gold color just isn't commonly produced. 

Finally after a few months we found the perfect leather. The front has a slight texture with just the right- subtle amount of shine. The back of the leather is a suede like rose color. We add 14K rose gold filled hooks (and rose gold chain for our linked option) and the result is swoon worthy!

We offer the Aha Rose Gold leather earrings in our Signature Classic shape, our Linked version and the Teardrop shape

This new release will give you an original metallic color option to add to your Aha collection! You'll find yourself reaching for it on those days when silver or gold just doesn't seem 100% right, but you still want the subtle bit of glam. I love our Rose Gold leather earrings paired with pretty much any color and it will work great with a wide range of patterns. My favorite colors to wear it with are actually neutrals like grey, black, white, off-white and brown and I just adore it with all shades of pinks. 

So if you aren't hooked yet on the warm, sweet, blush metal maybe this post will have convinced you to give it a whirl. I can say with confidence, it won't let you down!

A huge Thank You to HereNorth Photography for these photos! It'd been a while since I hopped in front of the lens for an official photo shoot. On my recent trip back East Adriana and I connected for an absolutely fun and creative photo shoot!


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