Aha Crafted Leather Earrings at Showtime's White Famous Premiere!

Aha Crafted Leather Earrings at Showtime's White Famous Premiere!

Hello AhaTribe! We're so excited at the press our leather earrings have been getting lately! More and more celebrities have been spotted wearing Aha Crafted signature leather earrings in the last few months and if its OK by you...we'd like to brag about it a little (GOL-giggle out loud).

Showtime's new series White Famous airs this month (October 15th 2017) and actress Kimberley Crossman wore our Golden Goddess Leather Earrings for the Premiere on Sept 27th in West Hollywood CA! Her look was flawless and absolutely on point for a Fall premiere. She wore a gorgeous wine colored silk wrap dress with leopard print heels. The pop of our gold leather earrings shining through her loose blonde curls topped off the look! 

Kim sent us a message after the event and told us "Every time I wear them, someone compliments them.. so naturally now I wear them to any event or any time I am going out. They immediately add some sass to any outfit and make me feel amazing ❤️". Yay, we love hearing this-thank you Kim!

Our Golden Goddess leather earring collection was one of our first releases when we started Aha Crafted over three years ago. Its been a best seller ever since and there's no wonder why. The Aha Signature Shape, originally modeled after a surfboard is an original earring design by our company and copyrighted in 2014. Off of the ear it looks very simple, but the shape transforms as soon as you put it on. It's design compliments any face shape as it contours the natural shape and outline of a woman's cheek and jawline. Our Signature Shape comes in four sizes which makes its simple for everyone to get just the right fit! Who knew statement earrings could be so beautifully specific and effortless to wear, right?! Well...thats the Aha Crafted leather earring mission. So, ladies, if you haven't already figured it out; you can wear these gold lightweight earrings with anything. No kidding. If you don't feel like fussing and you're about to throw on jeans and a T-shirt reach for these earrings and they'll take your look from frumpy to chic. If its a night on the town your looking to accessorize you can count on them to add just the right amount of shine to all variations of glam!

We couldn't pick just one image of Kim from the evening since they were all so jaw dropingly gorgeous...so we attached a few more. Kimberley Crossman is cast in the new showtime series SMILF that airs November 5th. We're anxiously awaiting the series! It looks awesome! Its a comedy about a young single mom, who's funny, smart and a bit scrappy. She's trying to figure "life" in South Boston with her unconventional family. We hear....not confirmed, but keep your eyes peeled because Aha leather earrings might just be making a guest appearance or two!! 

At the end of the post we'll list pictures of all variations of the Aha Golden Goddess leather earring collection. When people ask me what your most popular pair of leathers earrings are my answer is the Golden Goddess in Size Medium. Anyone can pull them off, which makes them a great gift for the holidays as well (just saying-wink-wink).

The Golden Goddess Collection comes in four variations and four sizes. (Kim is wearing the Aha Signature Shape in our Linked variation in size: medium) 

From Top Left: Signature Classic,  Signature Cutouts, Linked, Teardrop and Teardrop Cutouts

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