Scottish Tartan Christmas Party Decor

Scottish Tartan Christmas Party Decor

I'm just gonna get right to it. I'm a BIG fan of the Starz show "Outlander." What I love most about the show, aside from the obvious (Jamie & Claire's super hot relationship) is the overall Scottish culture, costumes and decor! I LOVE tartan! Which in America we know as plaid, but Scottish Tartan is the real deal ya'll.

I also love the grey, winter tones that generally permeate Outlander. Thus! It feels like a show of permanent winter! So what better show to let inspire the decor of this year's Christmas party!

Tartan Decorations
Spice up your normal Christmas Tree decor with some Tartan ribbon, wrapped around and through your tree! When sending out invitations, give it a Tartan outline like the Pancakes & Pajamas invitation below. (Also, Pancakes & Pajama party is the best idea I've ever heard!)

Tartan Table Display
Get rustic with your table display by using a blanket instead of a table cloth to drape across the table. Stick to earth tones and greens & reds. Want to get real into Scottish Christmas? Dawn an antler centerpiece! (Check out this cool & cost effective gold Antler Candleabra from Target!)

Scottish Inspired Foods
When deciding what foods to cook for your Scottish inspired Christmas party, look into some treats & main dishes that are a little out of the ordinary. A rack of lamb, rustic veggies, some tarts & pasties from the Outlander Kitchen Cookbook!

Tartan Inspired Holiday Outfits (with a little Aha flare!)
Grab your favorite pair of Signature Ahas and a tartan inspired top with a flowy skirt, and viola! Modern day Scottish Christmas Cutie!

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