Velvet is the New Sparkle

Velvet is the New Sparkle

Looking for a totally glam holiday outfit, but don't want to wear last year's sparkle dress? I know. Been there, done that. Lucky for you velvet is the new sparkle, and you can show up to this year's holiday parties looking absolutely sheik and completely vintage. 

While velvet may seem like a cheap fashion  fad from the 90's, it has a lot of class. In fact most velvets, the expensive ones namely, are made from silk and rayon. Due to it's softness and alluring appearance, velvet used to be worn by nobility (and was especially popular with Middle Eastern nobles.) While the fabric is likely to have originated from the far east, it became extremely sought after by Medieval Italians, who adorned their ecclesiastical vestments and state robes with the lusciously smooth fabric!

As always, here to provide you with fashion tips AND great small talk topics for this year's holiday parties. Because the only thing better than wearing velvet to that party, is being able to back that fab outfit up with a surprisingly in depth history of fabric!

This year's velvet stylings come in more than just shirts, dresses and skirts though. And you won't be hard pressed to find your desired velvet accouterment either, as stores from Nordstrom to Target will have what you're looking for.

I love the classic velvet dress look. It feels very 1920s to me, and immediately shouts "amazing New Years outfit!"

I also real love the subtlety of wearing a velvet accent with the entire ensemble being consumed in the fabric. Take these stunning red velvet boots. They would look so cute with a black tule skirt, a satin colored shirt and a pair of pearls!



If you're looking for a more casual velvet vibe (sorry Medieval royals), the velvet sweater & blazer look is a definite must-try!

A light velvet accessory may also be enough to do the trick for you this holiday season. So I've combined my love of bows with my love of velvet and found these adorable velvet bow scrunchies for your hair!

I love really surprising pieces, that you wouldn't expect to be a certain fabric, color, style, or texture. Velvet bras? I'm obsessed. Not only because it's kind of unusual, but because with the right dress or button up blazer, you can utilize the velvet undergarment as a totally fashionable statement piece. Plus side for you and your lover? Velvet bras a really soft to the touch! (wink wink).

Really trying to wow people this year? Try something completely out of the ordinary like these velvet patterned nylons. I've seen some that are different sized velvet polka dot nylons as well (also super cute.) These are sure to have people asking you all night "Oh my god, where did you get those?" 

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