Garden Party Time

Garden Party Time

A look into all the places floral patterns are popping up this season including Aha's new floral leather earrings!

Florals are back. They are back, baby! (wait, did they ever leave?) I am so glad you asked. Florals come and go throughout the ever-changing eaves of fashion, and this year they are announcing themselves loud and proud, just in time for Spring (and eternal Summer if you live in Los Angeles)! I know, I know, your inner Miranda Priestly just eye rolled and said "Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking." 

While it is not the first spring in a century to cover ground on florals, there have been many a spring that have centered around polka dots, bows, and stripes (oh heyyy Kate Spade's entire line). But 2018 wants you to get ready for your neighborhood Garden Party! So buckle up baby (did she just recently watch Austin Powers? Answer: and dawn on some flowery goodness before it's winter again! 

One of my favorite brands to buy dresses from is Free People. I love their boho vibes, and their clothes are always so well made. If you're looking for some adorable, flowy dresses for your upcoming high tea (okay maybe I'm the only one who loves high tea) or your next social outing, look no further than Free People's current floral collection.

Just because it is Spring doesn't mean you are limited to pastels. I love that Free People's line is bright, vibrant, and is like the oversaturation you see when watching Great British Bake Show

Birkenstocks has taken this same approach, using rich Caribbean blues, blended with soft, rosy pinks, for unique color contrast.

I love utilizing unique patterns not just on staple clothing items like blouses or dresses, but on accent pieces like shoes, hats and jewelry. These gorgeous set of heels (Left: by Christian Loubiton, right: by Old Navy, are both stunning floral pieces, with a pretty remarkable price difference, to show how to splurge & save this spring.)

Now I am really excited to share with you my favorite floral piece this spring. A gorgeous piece you won't be able to find anywhere else, because it is Aha Crafted just for you, by us. This season we're releasing a brand new earring: our Flora Leather Earring. It is an accent piece sure to make any outfit pop. It is crafted our finest leather, but is still beautifully lightweight. It has a creamy, beige base with cherry blossoms, for an understated look that compliments the season. While its a patterned earring, its natural enough to go with those spring polka dots and stripes (yes, Aha Crafted earrings pair wonderfully with anything Kate Spade.) These lightweight floral earrings made from leather will go great with a t-shirt and jeans, a little black dress for a night out, or (as I continue to mention) a high tea with your girlfriends (or your mom! Take your mom to tea you guys...and wear our earrings doing it.)

Another way to leap into spring is to get some leggings and workout gear that makes you feel as flower friendly while sweating as you do enjoying a spot of tea! (I watch a lot of British television you guys...).

Check out this amazing Emily HSU designs leggings. Left: (Lilie's Leggings.) I love the bold, black base color, accented with gorgeous Lilies. Right: (English Garden Leggings) Still utilizing that black base, these garden patterns are vibrant, like walking through the set of Avatar. Almost neon purples, pinks and oranges. #Gorg

I am a big fan of Emily HSU Designs for a lot of reasons. One being that she is a New Jersey native. She also is a multi-tasking entrepreneur like myself. Emily created her business due to a gap in the market. She couldn't find all the things she needed in one legging for her and her daughters, so she started sewing them herself. Her line of sleek, smooth leggings are build for high performance activity, with superior fit, and ever on-trend prints, for a pretty outstanding price. She's a lady who does it all, and does it well. And her leggings look AMAZING on! Learn more on here website.

Outside of fashion, I'd like to inspire you to look into your home and see where you can afford to let your space "bloom" so to speak. Check out this amazing Anthropologie arm chair. I love the mint green medium tones, mixed with this kind of 70's mustard yellow and bright barbie pinks. It is a stunning piece that would blend into any space year round! 

Check out more floral furniture pieces at



As a special treat to our #ahatribe we are offering FREE SHIPPING until the March 30th on any earring order. Take advantage of our new spring releases or a style you've had your eye on with free first class shipping in the US. No code needed. 

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