Three Hats You Need to Own for Spring and Summer 2018!

Three Hats You Need to Own for Spring and Summer 2018!

These are the hats you'll want on rotation for Spring and Summer months!

Maybe you are like me and have a love/hate relationship with hats. I love buying them and how they look on models and other people. Yet typically when I purchase them they either look dreadful on me or they sit in my closet collecting dust. 

This season however, I was determined to find a few that would be functional and actually look good on in "real life". In the beginning of March my search for the perfect hats for Spring and Summer began. I must have ordered over twenty, and returned all but three. 

So, without further ado here are my three top picks: 

First and foremost I was after a nondescript baseball cap. I've been seeing the plain baseball cap pop up in all colors. Tons of celebrities and bloggers are rocking them with everything from sweats and sneaks to glitter and heels. This black cotton baseball cap is the perfect fit and is completely logo free! I love it for the gym, running errands, and quite honestly any day my hair could use a washing but life just doesn't allow for it. (It also comes in pink!)

Now, on to the perfect beach hat. With Spring officially here who can't help think about lazy Summer days laying out in the sun with a good book? ( I know, I know, they are hard to come by, but this summer Im determined to put aside the To-Do list at least a few days each month and get lazy). This sun hat by Hat Attack is the best for so many reasons. First, (not to state the obvious, but) its adorable! Second, its travel friendly! It rolls up to cylinder shape that you can easily pack in a suitcase or even stuff in your beach bag when you aren't wearing it! The other amazing thing about it is that you can actually read in your beach chair with it on! Have you ever brought your favorite shady hat to the beach just to realize you can't lean back in your beach chair and read with it on? Not the case with this one because of its flat back! I purchased mine through Shop Bop . It looks like they are currently out of it, but you can get a similar one here. And if you are set on the version I have, keep checking back because Shop Bop often restocks items they sell out quickly. 

And my third pick for a must have hat in 2018 is this versatile felt fedora by Brixton! I own a bunch of Brixton hats and I love them all for their quality and perfect fits. They are one of the few brands I have found that has five sizes! This year they put out their popular fedora in a bone color and its amazing. It goes with anything and everything! I also love hats that are a lighter color. So many great ones I find are in your typical black, dark brown and medium taupe. I purchased mine at Revolve, but you can get them straight from Brixton and BackCountry!

How cute would this hat look with a pair of our Flora Ahas, or the new Coachella leather earrings! Sorry, not sorry for the shameless plug. haha!

So, there you have it, my three hats purchased for the warmer months, that I love on and I am making a resolution to actually pull out of my closet and put on my head! :)

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