Interior Design on a Budget

Interior Design on a Budget

I have moved so many times in my life, one might call me an expert mover (or vagabond). And while moving is such a pain in the butt, what is so exciting about moving is the fresh feeling of change. It is a physical upheaval and metaphorical restart button, and there is nothing more exciting than redecorating. In fact, you don’t even have to be moving to get into re-decorating. Sometimes you have to throw the old stuff out, and bring in the new. Or if you’ve got time for a good DIY project, take your old furniture and accent pieces and remodel them completely.

However, decorating and DIYing can get uber expensive. Fear not! I have figured out how to give your home a makeover without breaking the bank, in a few easy steps.

Step 1 – De Clutter & Sell   

The first step in your new interior decorating mission is to ditch the things you aren’t using, which hold no emotional value to you. Have you read The Life Changing Magic of Tiddying Up by Marie Kondo? It teaches you how to go through your entire household and thoughtfully purge the unnecessary. Everyone should do this! We live in a world of consumerism and sometimes we purchase things and then can’t even remember why we bought them in the first place. To these items I say: ditch em! If you find anything that holds zero emotional value, but holds some monetary value, list that item on craigslist or hold a garage sale if you’ve got a hefty amount of give-a-ways. If you don’t need the money, go to a local thrift store (my favorite is the National Counsel of Jewish Women thrift stores). Decluttering your space, helps you declutter your brain. And it leaves room for…

Step 2 – Knowing Where to Buy Cheap Finds

99 Cent Store  Get past the stigma of the dollar store, and get in the know girlfriend. There’s tons of household items that you shouldn’t even bother getting anywhere else: Stemless wine glasses, mason jars, jumbo glass sports mugs, gold-rimmed white stoneware dinner plates, candles, every kitchen gadget you can think of, and holiday decorations galore!

Hobby Lobby  Before you go buy something from Target, check and see if Hobby Lobby has the same thing first. Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon that you can download from their website and bring in to the store. They also have sporadic coupons for specifc items that you can add on top of this 40% off coupon. So instead of buying a $10 curtain rod from Target, at Hobby Lobby you can get one for $6!

Bed, Bath & Beyond  I love Bed, Bath & Beyond not just because they have everything…but because their coupons do not expire AND they allow you to use as many as you want PER purchase. It’s insane. So if you’re needing to change out your dishware, bathroom towels, or squatty potties look no further! (Just don’t forget your collection of 20% off one item coupons or you’ll surely face palm yourself.)

Places to Get Wood Pallets for Free
Pet Supply or Food Stores
Hardware or Furniture Stores
Newspaper Companies
Classified Ads

*Best time to ask a company for their pallets for free is in the morning or evening when they are least busy. Also, tell them about the project you’re planning. People are more willing to help you when they feel more invested in you/your idea.

Ikea  While this store overwhelms the hell out of me, I have to admit certain items are legit. Check out their floating shelves, their cheap sheep skin rugs, and their couches! Also, purchase their cheap storage boxes for a  DIY project with a Kate Spade inspired touch (to the left).

Marshalls  Find a comfy cute sofa chair, an adorable painting, or fluffy rug for below market price. I found some adorable soap despensers for $2 once because they had double marked down stickers, but they look like they were straight from a Pottery Barn catalogue!

Step 3 – Do It Yours (ie: makeover time)
Here’s some DIY essentials to have on hand, and some fun projects I hope inspire you to revamp your old homegoods!

Spray Paint & Varnish  You can turn pretty much any janky looking thing into an amazing piece of furniture simply by using spray paint. Gold, Metalic, Glassic, Wood coloring, you name it! Want a stool with gold legs, but you only have a white stool? Spray paint those legs baba! The skys the limit with spray paint.

Grab some twigs from your yard, spray paint them bright pink, and create a fun outdoor hanging center piece like the one to the right.

Purchased some mason jars from the 99 Cent Store? Perfect. Spray paint those puppies gold or silver, and throw some flowers inside! Voila! Instant decor.

Rope, Belts, Buttons, Nicknacks  If you’ve got any of the above that you’re wanting to toss out, here’s some projects you could use to revamp the hell out of them!

Give your Target purchased clock some Restoration Hardware flare by fastening an old belt along its side, and hang it by your bedside! No one will know it wasn't a $5 purchase.

Old Mirrors, Shelves, Bookcases These are some of the easiest and most convenient, everyday household items that you can take from ordinary to fabulous in a matter of minutes!




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