Kimberley Crossman is Captivating in Her Red Jumpsuit and Black Leather Earrings at the SMILF Premiere

Kimberley Crossman is Captivating in Her Red Jumpsuit and Black Leather Earrings at the SMILF Premiere

If you've been following the buzz about the new Showtime series SMILF tonight is the night to check it out! The series (we've heard) is about a single 20 something mom living in Boston who is trying to find balance and navigate through her unconventional life. 

A few weeks ago actress Kimberley Crossman (who plays Kit-Cat in the series) turned heads in her red carpet ensemble for the premiere! She donned a sexy red strapless jumpsuit designed by Trish Peng and she topped the look off with a pair of Aha black leather earrings! The look was flawless and jaw dropping. We loved how Kim's eye make up not only tied the black leather in but also made her eyes pop!

One of our favorite ways to accessorize a strapless top, dress or jumpsuit is with a bold statement earring and Kim nailed this look! A strapless top like this creates a blank canvas of sorts that is just calling for a bold earring. 

With all this focus on her red strapless jumpsuit it has my thoughts going to "Holiday Looks".  A bit of holiday look shopping advice? Keep this look saved to memory! A red jumpsuit for a Christmas work party or Holiday gathering? Yes, please! Our black "Luna" earrings will effortlessly compliment any red dress, jumpsuit or top. Kimberly is wearing the Linked Luna in size: Thin

The outfit was on point for the premiere of the new showtime series SMILF which airs today, November 5th. Kimberley is cast as Kit-Kat; a recurring role on the series! I'm personally psyched to watch the premiere tonight! I just adore Kim and I'm sure this series will be one that I'm setting my Sunday eve alarm to. Word is that Aha earrings make a cameo appearance in a few episodes, so keep your eyes peeled for that bit of fun! If you're looking for a sneak peek of the series check out the official trailer here. 

The Linked Luna Leather Earrings come in a choice of rose gold or yellow gold and are available in four different sizes.

They also come in our Classic variation (available in four sizes) and Teardrop (available in 3 sizes)

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