Meet Sierra. Our Newest Leather Earring Collection.

Meet Sierra. Our Newest Leather Earring Collection.

Guys, I am so excited about this new release that I decided it was worthy of it's own blog post. About a month ago we released "Luna", which I'd like to think of the sister leather to this new member of the gang- "Sierra". Luna is a black embossed leather and you guys put more of that style earring in your carts than any others over the last month.

So it makes sense you would need a brown leather earring option as well, right? Right.

I think my first inspiration for the floral embossed patterned leathers came from the huge presence of embroidery this past year in the fashion industry. I'm personally obsessed with floral patterns and there is something so nice when you run your fingers over the texture of embroidery or embossing.  

There is a subtle floral print to the front of the Sierra leather. Each earring will have a slightly different part of the pattern worked into the earring and we truly think this adds to their charm. As we are making them, I sometimes find myself getting a bit lost staring at the pattern in each earring to see the differences in the details. Its fun to focus in on whether there is a piece of a flower or a leaf...etc. 

This collection is available in our Classic Aha Signature Shape, the Aha Teardrop, and the Aha Linked variation. We've got all options of earring hooks and chain on this one as well. You can choose from sterling silver, gold or rose gold findings!

And now that she's had her formal introduction lets brainstorm on how to style and pair these gorgeous deep brown leather earrings.

Because they have texture they'll draw the eye to them a bit more than if it was a smooth leather. I can see myself wearing them every-time I wear anything denim on top. Like my new favorite boyfriend denim jacket by Billabong. A score from my favorite boutique in Laguna Beach, The Shop!

Or how about a head to toe denim look like this one...paired with these dark brown leather earrings? Simple. Perfection.

I also love the idea of pairing them with all the fall earth tones like this copper sweater by Free People.

And hey, if you are as obsessed with all things grey (as I am), these will be a perfect go to accessory. Imagine Sierra accenting this cozy fleece shirt (from Nordstrom) with a pair of dark brown boots to tie it all together.


What about a clean crisp white shirt like this one along with jeans? Maybe add in a little ruffle to the situation like this bell-sleeve ruffle top from Jcrew. Yes please!

I could keep going on and on into late night hours with all the fun ways to style these leather earrings! But its Friday night...and its time to shut down the iMac! :) Have a great weekend and enjoy these babies at 20% off all weekend!!! No code needed! 




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