Announcing: Soulucean X Aha Crafted

Announcing: Soulucean X Aha Crafted

A Collaboration Just In Time For Your Holiday Shopping!

It’s that time of year! And depending on who you are, the holiday shopping season is either nearly here or nearly over. 

So, while we’re not big fans of waiting in never-ending lines for the hottest gadget at the mall, we do love the thrill of shopping for something that’s truly one of a kind.

You know that feeling: The one you get when you know something's limited edition, it's stunning and unique, and it's just your style.

Well, in that spirit, we’re excited to announce that we’ve collaborated with Soulucean to bring you the Soulucean X Aha Crafted set.

We Know You Want All The Details, So Here They Are!

This limited edition set features the "Bel Air" Soulucean clutch and a set of Aha Crafted earrings.  

And because we know you’ve got your own sense of style, you’ll get to choose your earrings when you purchase your Soulucean X Aha Crafted set. 

You’ll choose either: 

"Karma" Gemstone Leather Earrings: Our signature Surf shape with black leather and a single 14 Karat GF chain adorned with a brilliant Tibetan Quartz gemstone.


Our luminous, "Lagunas" © in a champagne shade that’s absolutely unforgettable.


Need to know more?  

The Soulucean Clutch

Soulucean’s clutch is crafted with woven fabric and a waterproof liner. That means that your essential oils, make up, and everything else you carry with you won’t’ leak. It also makes this the perfect clutch for a trip to the beach or pool because nothing will get past that water-resistant zipper and welded seams on the liner. 

This limited-run velvety Soulucean clutch features a pattern with vibrant violet, black, and ocean-hued shades.

And the magnetic closure that hides the zipper ensures that your clutch always looks sleek.

The Aha Crafted Earring Set Options

The Laguna Leather Earrings are a statement tassel earring like no other. And this limited run of our Lagunas features a champagne color that’s absolutely divine.

Bold, sexy and lightweight, you’ll forget you have these beauties on… until someone compliments you, of course!


The Aha Surf Earrings are our signature shape, inspired by the ocean and made just for you.

This set also features a single gold chain and brilliant Tibetan Quartz crystal against that one-of-a-kind beautiful black leather surf shape.



Get To Know The Brands

Soulucean creates undeniably eye-catching clutches with waterproof recycled plastic liners that fuse fashion and function to create something that’s perfect for you, whether you’re heading to date night or a day at the beach.

And you already know Aha Crafted is the premier purveyor of handmade, lightweight leather earrings made from a curated collection of designer remnants.

The Connection? Aside from our shared passion for beautiful accessories, Soulucean and Aha Crafted are both Laguna-Beach-Based brands and both donate to the Surfrider Foundation to protect our oceans and beaches. 

So, you can feel good about looking good when you shop with us.

Here’s How To Get Your Soulucean X Aha Crafted Set

Remember how you felt when you missed out on the Soulucean X Nena and Co. collaboration? 

It was a little devastating right?

Well, we don’t want you feeling that way about this Soulucean X Aha Crafted set.

That's why we'll be sending the exact launch date and time in an email to our loyal subscribers. 

So go get on that list! 

And you'll want to stay close to our site because the Soulucean X Aha Crafted collaboration drops soon and once they’re gone...They’re gone for good.


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