Create Your Own Full Moon Magic With Our Moon Beam and Moon Shadow Earrings

Create Your Own Full Moon Magic With Our Moon Beam and Moon Shadow Earrings


How’s your energy lately?

Chances are that, as the full moon arrives this month, you might be feeling a shift.

And, if so, no worries: We’re feeling it here too...

From navigating change to creating clarity and supporting your spiritual wellbeing, the full moon in each lunar cycle can bring amazing opportunities for growth. 

And this one is no exception.

The full moon will be here on the 13th and in honor of its arrival, we’re excited to share our Moon Beam and Moon Shadow energetic gemstone leather earrings with you.

So, read on to find out how to harness that full moon magic for yourself!


Lunar Energy

The full moon is a period of lunar energy that offers countless chances to forge new relationships and repair challenging ones, even with ourselves. This is your chance to release what’s not serving you and to remind yourself that you have the power to create your life your way.

The full moon can also fuel these awesome changes because it is said to infuse each of us with energy and clarity to understand and care for ourselves and our emotions.


lightweight leather earrings moon shadow

The Power of Moonstone 

While all crystals and gemstones have their own unique energy and vibration, moonstone is known to balance emotions and their vibration can help support you mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

Love, self-acceptance, confidence, creative expression, intuition, and change are all available to us during the full moon and that power is amplified when we add moonstone to the mix.


Meet Our Moon Beam Collection!

Moonstone’s stellar energetic powers are equaled only by her stunning beauty. 

So, our Moon Beam and Moon Shadow earrings are the perfect earrings to add to your collection in preparation for the full moon this month and each lunar cycle to come.


lightweight leather earrings moon shadow

Moon Shadow

All About Moon Shadow: With leather reminiscent of the deep night sky and radiant energetic stones to remind us of the cycle of light and dark, Moon Shadow brings together wood beading, smooth black leather, gold detailing, quartz, and our dazzling moonstone in a way that makes it the perfect pair to wear, day or night.

Aha! Styling Suggestions: The black leather in these light-weight earrings means it can go with almost everything. We love the way it plays nice with earth tones and can’t wait to pair our Moon Shadows with our favorite little black holiday outfits too.



lightweight leather earrings moon beam

Moon Beam

All About Moon Beam: Mixing sweet and rustic warm honey leather and our hypnotic quartz and moonstone makes the Moon Beam earrings a glistening and gorgeous option for all of your full moon festivities.  

Aha! Styling Suggestions: The light desert shaded leather complements any shade of hair and looks as stunning with your warm fall sweater as it does with your go-to black turtleneck. Take Moon Beam to the shoreline or the vineyard and don’t forget to wear them when you celebrate your fall full moon festivities too.



lightweight leather earrings moonstone

Your New Full Moon Mantra

Aha! Crafted earrings are designed to help you “Live light. Be light.” and we’re certain that, whether you choose the Moon Shadow, the Moon Beam, or any of our other energetic gemstone earrings, you’ll do just that!



lightweight leather earrings moon stone

Share Your Aha! Moments

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We can’t wait to see you in your new favorite pair!


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