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How about an Aha Giveaway to kick off the weekend?

How about an Aha Giveaway to kick off the weekend?

Hey guys! For those of you that are local to our home town/area, "the Jersey Shore" you might know Bridget Riepl. And for those of you that aren't...allow me to introduce her. I met Bridget years ago in a hot and steamy yoga room. We practiced for years together side by side in 105 degree temps flowing through Vinyasa after Vinyasa. When I met Bridget she was practicing law. Jump forward 7 years or so? She's re-worked her career to wellness coaching, a yoga teacher, a writer, a blogger, and a twin momma!

Recently she featured Aha Crafted's Leather earrings in her blog post 5 Do's For a Functionally Fashionable Momma! We just love her writing, her style and her energy! And so, we thought it'd be cool to partner with her for a giveaway this weekend! Check out our Instagram post today for deets on how to enter!! Bridget's photos taken by the talented Simply Photography. Have a great weekend everyone! XOXO

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