What Size Leather Earrings Should I Order?

What Size Leather Earrings Should I Order?

We get asked this question a lot, so we thought we'd create a post with some additional guidance on how to chose the right size of Aha leather earrings!

Our Classic shape (modeled after a surf board) was thoughtfully designed in four sizes to assure there would be a perfect fit for anyone and any look. We find people usually have one or two favorite sizes.

Before we get into each size, lets first take a peek at our size chart (which can also be viewed here). 

Medium is our best seller and we feel you can not go wrong with this size no matter what your hair type, length or frame is. That being said...we've got a few more specifics below.

Short: Measures 2" in length.  Petite women usually lean towards the size Short, as well as those with short or fine hair.  Short is also great for anyone looking for an every day look. A good friend of mine is a lawyer and on the taller side. Typically she chooses size Long to wear out, but for the office she wears Short. Also, if you wear a lot of scarves this size wont get caught up or tangled.

Medium: Measures 2.5" in length and is the widest of all the sizes. Honestly we think everyone can pull off a Medium. Even the tiniest of ladies can wear this size if they are going for a bolder look.  If you are on the taller side or have big, thick or curly hair, the Medium will be your more subtle, casual size. If you want to make a statement, you might want try Long for a bolder look.

Thin: Measures 3" in length and is the thinnest of all our sizes. Thin is great size if you want length, but still want a slightly delicate and subtle look. Thin is actually a very versatile size. I find wearing the Thin with your hair up can be sleek, delicate and even dramatic looking. While wearing this size with your hair down will give a more subtle pop of leather and color that will effortlessly tie a look together.

Long: Measures 3.25" in length and is about the same width as the small. This size is definitely our boldest look. Its long and flirty. Women who love the Long aren't afraid of wearing a bold earring.

For reference we've lined up some pics with our four sizes side by side below. From left to right, Short, Medium, Thin, and Long.

We recently launched a new Teardrop leather earring which are currently available in size Small and Medium. The size guidelines for the Teardrop are similar to that of our Classic shape. The chart for our Teardrops can be viewed here.

Typically we list the earring size pictured on our social media posts, however please always feel free to leave questions for us on our Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages or shoot us an email at info@ahacrafted.com !

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