Mid Winter AHA Update

Mid Winter AHA Update

We’ve got a lot going on over here lately, so pardon the lack of posts!

Here's a quick snapshot of what we have been up to business wise since the Holidays. 

We've been super busy finalizing our mid-winter new releases. You’ll start seeing those pop up in the next few days. If you don't follow us on IG yet...give us a quick follow! Quite often we will post exclusive deals, leather earring discount codes and early releases there! Its @ahacrafted.

As well, our new double circle leather earring design will be live next week! We haven't had the extra brain power to come up with a name yet, so if you have any ideas, don't hesitate to leave in the comments below! :) We are super excited about this new design because we think it has a more mod feel to it. 

In addition, our leather earring wholesale side of the business has started to grow more than we'd ever imagine! I'll be writing a blog post specially about our wholesale earring line soon. In a nut shell we've started to wholesale the leather teardrop earring styles to brick and mortar stores.  

For those of you that are new or semi-new here, my fiancé Jamie and I started this business about 4 years ago. Although we have a few employees we still do a TON with our own 4 hands. Its a juggling act almost every day, but we love our growing bizz and are so grateful for our customers!! #theahatribe  

You can read more about the beginnings of Aha Crafted's start (including the inpso behind the Aha Signature Shape ©) on our recently updated About Us-Our Story page. 

Thanks for reading, following our journey and helping us become the company we are today!!!

XO -Heidi

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