Attack of the Lilac

Attack of the Lilac

Winter may strike visions of ice blues, aspen whites, and candy cane reds for some. But as we move from January to February, the color of the moment is: LILAC. That icy, satin, light purple that is sweeping every clothing and home goods store at the moment.

It is EVERYWHERE you guys, and it is absolutely killing the game right now! 

I have seen the lilac trend grasping hold of the season, subtly replacing light pinks (sorry Valentines Day) and deep reds (I repeat, sorry Valentines Day). It is the PERFECT expression of the January to February transition, from snowfall to melting ice sickles!

I LOVE this soft, satin vibe seen on the runway below. While this outfit is overwhelmingly drenched in soft purple gray, I am so into how it gives you an idea of how to incorporate lilac into any article of clothing.

Getting even more specific and on trend, look at how ridiculously cool and sexy this fringe lilac leather poncho looks! (Also HELLO white gladiator heels!)

Lilac isn't just permeating the runway, it's taking over home decor as well! I absolutely adore this French colonial bathroom with the soft lilac accent on the walls and towels.  It's crazy how it takes a normal looking bathroom, and makes it into something interesting to look at. Also, how gorgeous are those stain glass window accents? 

Note to self: Lilac paint may be the new grey of this year's home decor.

Of course lilac has penetrating the hair industry as well. Taking that Khalisi inspired blonde/grey look into a whole new dimension! I think this look is so bold and so sexy! And I love the burnt purple roots. And the fact that it looks great on both long and short hair? I mean. C'mon!

And of course as we approach spring, we know wedding season is upon us - and of course lilac is a choice color scheme. Look at this gorgeous, greek pleated bridesmaids dresses! I seriously love when brides pick a color scheme and then allow the bridesmaids to get a dress style that is unique to them, but still true to the color. Like how some bridesmaids in the photo below have a pure halter cut, and others have a one shoulder cut. #ClassyAF

Naturally as the lilac craze perseveres, we here at Aha Crafted are re-launching one of our all time favorite Aha earrings : Lilac Mist! They are February's signature earring, meaning the Lilac Mist classic signature shape and the teardrop leather earrings will both be on sale starting at $17 each. And the sale starts...this week! (Yes, one week early!) 

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