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Gemstone Leather Earrings

Gemstone Leather Earrings


There's a popular saying that goes like this; Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Let us not forget about energetic gemstones. Created deep within the earth's core  gemstones have been used for centuries to aid in the mental, spiritual and physical. Beyond their glorious energetic powers these stones are alluring and stunning. From golden browns to clear crystal white and colors in between semi-precious stones will draw you in with their colors and sparkle.

Dream Catcher Gemstone Leather Earrings
Echo Gemstone Leather Earrings

In our modern age we can become disconnected from our roots and inner sense by constant the waves of technology encircling us or in other words Radio Gaga. The good news is we can use different stones to calm, help us connect and even aid in healing. Explore the different energetic properties of the semi-precious stones we carry and how to use them and decide which ones are calling your name! Visit our Gemstone Guide for a breakdown of the stones we use in our earrings.