Say Hello to Our Monthly Leather Earring Sales!

Say Hello to Our Monthly Leather Earring Sales!

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you may have noticed we've been running a monthly earring special for the past few months. We've been discounting a specific leather earring or line of our leather earrings for the entire month. Ive been meaning to blog about this addition to our marketing plan sooner...but well, blogging can often tend to make it to the bottom of the To-Do List. (insert frown face)

So in any case, the monthly earrings have been a huge hit! January and February's earring actually sold out before the sale ended. I think its safe to say its been a good addition to Aha Crafted! Its been a great way for our customers to try out some colors and leathers they've been considering. And for us; its an awesome way to introduce new leathers as well as offer some limited quantity lots we scored by chance. This month we decided May's Earring would be our entire Turquoise Ocean collection.

The Turquoise Ocean line is handcrafted from a beautiful US made leather. It has a Turquoise base and a brown embossed design throughout. We thought it was perfect for May in that its finally that time of year where people are starting to add more color into their looks. The pattern has a slight boho or hippie chic flair to it without being overly crunchy looking. Its fun, flirty and pops against any skin tone or hair color. The Turquoise Ocean line comes in our Classic, Linked and Cut-Out variations, and is available with your choice of sterling silver or 14K gold-filled findings. *(14K solid gold always available upon request!)

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PPS. More exciting news...and you will hear it here first: Tomorrow we launch our Suede Choker Necklaces!

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