Unicorn Mania

Unicorn Mania

I think Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation said it best... "You are a rainbow-infused space unicorn." I mean, aren't we all?

As I've been shopping around at various boutiques and vintage markets around L.A I have seen a staggering number of majestically horned horses. And I'm a little surprised that my reaction isn't "wait, why?" but is instead "Um, yes please!"

I've always been a big fan of things from our childhoods making a come back in popular culture, and the unicorn is galloping through most stores (and pinterest boards) at the moment.

But I'm not just obsessed with the sparkly, rainbow image of the unicorn as much as I am the style and tones that are starting to appear in every aspect of life. I saw this amazing photo of Gigi Hadid with a unicorn inspired pony-tail the other day and realized that unicorns are now permeating fashion and hair styles!

There is even a specific shade of pink that is directly inspired from unicorn themed items. It's the same shade of strawberry ice cream, of a soft plush pink baby blanket, and light delicate rosey birthday frosting! 

I've seen some pretty cute unicorn-fashion. Like these unicorn onesies! 

Of course if I were going to be a sexy-unicorn-woman for Halloween, we all know I'd be dawning some Classic Leather Earrings to complete the look. Like these White Croc Leather Earrings (worn in this image by Actress/Host Kim Crossman).


What is so inspiring to me about the unicorn fad right now too, isn't even so much the looks and colors and textures it coordinates with, but the actual magic and meaning of the unicorn itself. I love the idea of a rare magical creature being celebrated into popular culture because the truth is, we ALL are our own little unicorns. Cheesy, but it's so true! You are unlike anyone else, and often it is the things about ourself that makes us different, that we often try to hide or change, that end up being our best asset or signature thing. Growing up I was a goofy, sensitive kid and I thought those things made me weird, because it made me different from my friends. But now as an adult I love that I am silly and sensitive. It means I know how to have fun and to find meaning in things other people might not.

So hopefully the next time you're in Paper Source or Nordstrom and you gaze upon a photo or painting of a Unicorn, I hope you don't just see a horse with a horn. I hope you see the symbol of uniqueness that lives in all of us that is just dying to be embraced.

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