Sinful Halloween Treats

Sinful Halloween Treats

It's about that time... all the stores are decorated (although they're ALSO decorated for Thanksgiving...and Christmas...) It's Halloween! One of my all time favorite holidays, mainly because I love any excuse to dress up and get creative fashion wise. I also throw a mean dinner party, and theme parties are pretty my ma' jam.

This year I've decided to embrace my inner nerd and throw a Harry Potter Themed Halloween Party - complete with a custom wand making station, trivia and scavenger hunts, and a vast array of delicious treats and wizardly concoctions (I know... hard core nerd alert. I'll sound the alarm!)

Here's just a few of my favorite witchy themed treats that I am salivating over:

1- Cursed Glitter Appletinis!

Recipe Below:
Juice of 1 lemon (2 oz)
32 oz hard cinnamon apple cider
4 oz simple syrup
8 oz apple liqueur
8 dashes of bitters
4 drops red food coloring
1/8 tsp red luster dust
1/8 tsp gold pearl luster dust

2 - Witches Broom Snacks

8 string cheese sticks
24 pretzel sticks
Fresh chives

  1. Cut each string cheese stick in thirds (about 1 1/2″ each).
  2. Make lengthwise cuts around the cheese stick to about half way up.
  3. In the uncut end of the cheese, insert a pretzel stick.
  4. Bind with a piece of chive. Cut off extra chive.

3 - Vegan, Gluten Free Poison Apples

6 granny smith apples
1/2 liquid glucose/light corn syrup
3 drops black gel food coloring
2 cups granulated sugar
3/4 cups water

  1. Grease a piece of baking paper and place on a tray/baking sheet.
  2. Insert bamboo skewers in all the apples and set aside.
  3. In a medium pot, combine the sugar, water, glucose/corn syrup and food colouring and stir over medium heat until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture feels smooth when you rub it between your fingers.
  4. When the sugar has dissolved, turn the heat up and wash the sides of the pot down with a pastry brush dipped into clean water to prevent crystals from forming.
  5. Allow the caramel to boil until it reaches the hard crack stage (150°c/310°F on a candy thermometer).
  6. Carefully dip the apples into the hot candy mixture and place on the baking paper to set and cool for approximately an hour before serving.

Whatever party you'll be hosting or attending this Halloween, I hope these witch-tactic snacks have inspired you to get creative not just with your costumes but with your food too!

Excuse me while I head to the kitchen to nibble on some witches brooms...

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