Our 2020 New Years Resolutions Featuring Our Best and Brightest From 2019

Our 2020 New Years Resolutions Featuring Our Best and Brightest From 2019


What. A. Year.

While it feels like December just flew by, we did manage to take some time to get intentional about what we want manifest and create in 2020. 

So, rather than the standard “lose weight”, “keep a planner” resolutions you might see all over this time of year, we wanted to share our big hopes for 2020. 

And if you love these resolutions, feel free to steal them and share them with your friends. (We’re all about building one another up and we’d love it if you shared us with those you love!) 

So, here they are!

lightweight leather earrings laguna statement

Don’t Hide Your Shine

Some days you can feel like you’re not enough. And other days you get that strange mixed message that you’re “too much” for some people.

Our suggestion? Don’t dwell too long on those lows and never, ever, ever hide your shine.

In fact, take that glow to the next level and pop on your Goddess Laguna Leather Earrings and just bask in the light you’re shining. You really can live light, be light, every day.

The life you’re building, the mistakes your making, your big wins, and your kindness are inspiring people, whether they tell you that or not.


lightweight leather earrings statement

Be Bright and Bold In The New Year

Are you hiding your light a bit? 

Playing it safe? 

Waiting to be “ready” to do that thing that’s written on your heart?

We all fall into that sometimes. 

But the most important thing to remember is that you can go big in the new year. 


It’s a fresh start and it’s your chance to be your bold and beautiful self. 

So chase those goals and create that life you’ve always imagined.


And if you need some courage or confidence, lean on your go-to pair of statement earrings like the Tortoise Due Revolve Leather Earrings. Because let’s be honest, they always look great on you. 


Which can be super comforting when you’re pushing yourself beyond that “comfort zone” of yours.

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Get Creative With Color

We love a good little black dress and we all have that tried-and-true color scheme. But in 2020 we’re vowing to get creative with color and we’re encouraging you to do the same.

 Whether you’re painting a room, picking out a new shade of lipstick, or just looking for your next set of lightweight leather earrings (same here, by the way!) give yourself permission to play in 2020.

When we get creative and playful in our lives amazing things can happen because we’re open to new and exciting experiences and we’re no longer limiting ourselves in our hearts or minds.

So take a walk on the wild side in 2020 and don’t forget your AHAs when you do!

(We suggest the Cheetah Revolve Leather Earrings if you’re really ready to embrace some animal prints!)


Give Back In Style

And what would a conversation about resolutions be without mention of how we can all do our part to change the world.

If you’re looking for a way to give back, protect the planet, and still look darn good doing it, you’ll want to check out our Signature Surf Collection. We take a portion of sales and donate that money to The Surfrider Foundation. You can learn more about that here and pick up your Surfs in our online shop, including these Ash Leather Earrings.

What Will Your 2020 Aha Moment Be?

So those are our hopes and dreams for the new year. What are yours? Share your resolutions and Aha Moments with us on Instagram so we can cheer you on as you go after your biggest goals yet.

Happy New Year AHA Tribe!

We’ll see you in 2020!

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