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How to Accessorize a Basic Look

How to Accessorize a Basic Look

My sister came to visit recently, and while I had her here I took advantage of snapping some Aha Crafted shots. I just love a basic, classic and simple outfit, so I had her throw on a white ribbed tank, blue jeans and a khaki jacket. My idea was to showcase how one can spice up a basic look easily with stand out accessory, in this case a pair of our leather earrings. Since this outfit was absent of color I thought a pop of red was just the thing needed to spice things up. Pictured below are our "Fire Spirit" leather earrings with Gemstones in Size: Thin.

The thing I love most about the "Fire Spirit" Collection is that it works so well with all colorings. Women with dark skin and light, dark hair or light hair will find this color leather stands out. And, here's another idea...add these to an all black outfit, with a red lip and/or classic red nails for a stunning holiday look.

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