Every Day Summer & Beach Essentials

Every Day Summer & Beach Essentials

With summer under way I thought I'd share some essentials we've become addicted to over here at Aha Crafted! These are all items I myself have reached for everyday this summer. No joke.

From Right to left, First up is this awesome beach blanket disguised as a back pack. So here's the deal; Sand Cloud designed this back pack that unfolds and lays completely flat as a beach throw. I give this company major props for coming up with this design. It even has a zip pocket to protect and keep your valuables like your cell phone, money and license. I just moved to So Cal and I cant even tell you how perfect this bag is. I pack it up with a few beach essentials, throw it on and I have everything I need for a full day of shopping, walking around and plopping on the beach. It would also come in handy well for hikes/parks/picnics and festivals. You can find it here.

Next let's talk about Beauty Counter's tinted moisturizer with sunblock that I've fallen in love with. My girlfriend recently started as a rep for the line and turned me onto it. The brand takes a natural approach to beauty leaving out many toxic chemicals found in your usual cosmetic brands. Up until now I haven't had a moisturizer with SPF that hasn't made me break out. Thank goodness that's now changed. They call it Dew Skin and its just perfect for every day! Here's a link to check it out.

And of course a post wouldn't be complete without chatting about a pair of leather earrings. So...here is the pair Ive been living in all summer: the "Desert Daughter Cut Outs". They've become my go to pair for a few reasons. 1. They are made from the most easy brown leather to pair with anything. 2. The leather gets better with age, so I don't worry about wearing them to the beach, with sun and salt air, and 3. The hoop style is so versatile; dress them up or down and they go with any bathing suit! Shop for them here

The delicate chain underneath the earrings is a beautiful 14K Gold Filled choker. I met the designer at a Blogger's Brunch and Ive fallen in love with a bunch of items from her collection. Her company is called Belladaar and you can find the choker here.

Last but not least, my swell bottle. I'm sure many of you have heard about these and might even own one. If you don't however, you need to pick one up. They are life changing and I'm not exaggerating. They keep any beverage hot or cold for hours! I think they say about 6-8 hours to be exact. I fill this bottle with cold water before I leave for the beach. I lay it on the sand, baking in the sun all day, but still every time I take a swig the water is cold and refreshing. Works well with lemonade and tequila also :)



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