A Whole New Look at Denim

A Whole New Look at Denim

Denim is a staple. You'd be hard pressed to find a person in the United States who doesn't at least own ONE pair of denim pants or shorts (or jackets). Much like the New York subway, Denim is definitely the great equalizer: everyone wears it. From CEOs, to plumbers, to mom's on the PTA.  And while I'm not exactly breaking the mold by telling you to wear denim, I do believe this thoroughbred material is a bit taken for grated in the unique ways in which we can style and dress it up. So hark! Behold my fashion forward look at denim!

Denim on Denim on Denim
Firstly, I'd like to encourage some bravery in styling denim on to denim, with some more...denim. Yes, I know, you are picturing Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake... and yes, there is most certainly a way to style denim on denim and it not look 'fabulous.' However, these looks below are on point!

Part of the art of pairing multiple denim pieces together is accessorizing, and picking different shades of denim to layer onto one another. (In the photo pictured on the left) I love the dark blue scarf paired with the color-washed jeans and sky blue button down. The varying colors of blue give this ensemble depth and dimension! (In the photo pictured on the right) I'm pretttttty obsessed with this high-waisted paint splatter skirt. It's very 90's inspired, especially when paired with the slightly different, white-washed colored jean jacket. It reminds me of the abstract art my parents had on our walls when I was growing up. #ILoveThe90s

Another way to layer denim on denim is with a American Apparel inspired (yes, RIP) all jean body suit!

Denim and Leather
Even if the items in your closet are the exact same denim wash, you can make an outfit pop with a little flash of color, like these Mexi Cali Aha Crafted earrings! Good news: denim goes great with ANY color. 

The simple addition of leather to a jean outfit goes a long way!  I mean...its almost like they were MADE for each other...

If you are looking for a smaller leather accessory, try these white Kindred gemstone Aha Crafted leather earrings! Want even more leather to complete your outfit? Throw on this Cabachon Studded belt from free people.

Denim and Embroidery
I love me some hippie life! Fortunately, bell bottoms and embroidered jeans are SO back on trend right now. Embroidery can really take an outfit to the next level. I especially love these flower power cut off jeans, and this insanely cute flower embroidery on this jean mini dress! Pin your hair up in two Heidi braids and you're basically yoddle-oddle-fabulous! (That is and never will be a turn of phrase. Forgive me.) But for real. Get yourself some embroidery girlfriend. You deserve it.

Want to buy your own patches to add to an old pair of jeans? Check out etsy.com's selection of embroidered patches. These are just a FEW of my favorites...

Denim Accessories
Perhaps you are feeling a little more subtle about your denim these days... perhaps you want more of denim statement piece to add to an otherwise non-demin ensemble. Behold, my understated fashion friend, some amazing denim accessories!

Colored Denim
Maybe you are just someone who needs to live your life in the full spectrum of colors available to you. I get it! You want to eat the rainbow (bright colored fruits and veggies) just as you want to WEAR the rainbow (are you still following?) Here are some of my absolute fave-faves of colored denim.

No matter the cut, color, or style of denim, you simple cannot go wrong with this essential fabric in your closet. So get out there girl, and show of your bad denim-self! 

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