1990's Fashion Resurgence

1990's Fashion Resurgence

There are definitely some pictures of me from the 1990s-early 2000s where I facepalm myself and think "Dear God, what were you thinking wearing that?" I plucked my eyebrows too thin, I gelled my hair when in a ponytail, and I used an obscene amount of blue eye shadow. I layered my clothes with wild neon patterns, on top of jean, on top of spandex leotards and leggings. It was, at least half of the time, a hot, hot mess.

But the other half of the time, I looked kind of cool. There are some photos I saw recently where my reaction was "Why did I ever give that away? That's so in right now." Because so much of the 90s fashion we face palmed ourselves for has made a huge resurgence in today's fashion culture. 

Here's just a few of those fashions from the 90s that the world wasn't ready to retire.

Dr. Martens Shoes
If you watched any television in the 90s, or you know lived during that time, then you are very familiar with the shoe brand Dr. Martens. Seen below, the Dr. Marten combat boot/shoe was an item you could wear with anything. Going on a date? Dr. Martens. Going to school? Dr. Martens. Going to work? Dr. Martens.

Whether you were a goth, grunge kid, or preppy girl, the Doc Marten was for everyone. And turns out...it still is!

The Bleach Blonde Pixie Cut
The very bold statement of shaving it all off was a big hit in the 90s. Especially when dying what little hair one had left, platinum, bleach blonde!

Plaid (Anything)
One of my favorite fads of the 90s was definitely plaid shirts. And they are most certainly still popular today - if not more popular than they were in the 90s. The plaid shirt has stuck around through thick and thin. Of course...in the 90s, ANYTHING could be plaid and it was still cool. 

Big A$$ Earrings
Another (obvious) fad favorite of mine is the big, chunky earring look of the 90s. From your mom's Mary Kay party, to whatever chunkiest piece you could find at Claire's, this look has never gone out of style for me. 

Band T-Shirts
One of the cool grunge looks of the 90s was wearing your favorite band t-shirt. Of course this look never really went out of style - whether you are sporting your favorite artist, movie or book on t-shirt, the art of declaring your obsessions on your clothing never really went away.

Jean Overalls
This is maybe my most favorite fad that resurfaced over the last few years. Why overalls ever became uncool, I'll never know, because nothing gives me more joy then slipping into a pair of these bad boys and feeling completely head-to-toe hugged by jean. (I know that sounds ridiculous, it is. But I LOVE overalls!)

The Choker Necklace
A necklace that has been in and out of style throughout the ages: the choker. It was real big in the 90s, especially the plastic ones that expand and contract to fit around your neck. Today's choker's look a little different, but still shine bright homage to our 90s selves.

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